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Friday, August 23, 2019

What Can A Custom Web Site Do For Your Business?

A Freelancer's Force Multiplier

If you're an independent contractor, consultant, or freelance professional, you're website is your billboard, your phone book ad, your brochure, and your mirror;
it's a reflection of you.

A quality website is a requirement for every independent business, including freelance and independent contractors and consultants. Your website defines your distinctive concept, your professionalism, and builds trust in your business among your site's visitors.


Distinctive Concept makes a professional web presence affordable to independent business people and professionals. Distinctive Concept will design and develop a responsive web site, host, and actively manage it for you.

Every business contact that you make will have the ability to quickly learn more your business and why they should consider retaining you, and have a secure way to contact you through your website designed and developed by Distinctive Concept. Your site will be available on smart phones and tablets, as well as laptop and desktop screens. Your message is available any where there is digital service 24/7/365.

Your site is also your billboard. So, we will be sure that your site will be easily accessible to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. To ensure that your site remains accessible, search engine optimization updates will be made on a regular basis.

All at an affordable price.

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