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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Distinctive Concept Web Design Development

I'm Steve Goss, and Distinctive Concept is my business. Distinctive Concept serves independent contractors, consultants, and freelance business people with an all included web site package that is affordable.

My objective is to design and develop a web site that will distinguish independent contractors, freelancers, and small businesses from others who are competing for the same business. The site will be developed to make it easy for prospects and existing clients to learn more about the client business, communicate with the site owner, and take the first few steps to doing business with the site owner. The design will be simple, clean, and quickly communicate the distinctive concept of the business.

Finally, to make owning the web site easy and affordable. One price that includes the design, development, hosting, maintenance, updates, and search engine optimization to make and keep the web site effective.

What's included?

  1. Site Strategy Development
  2. We'll develop a design and functionality strategy for your site to align with your business brand. If you do not have a brand strategy, we'll develop one.

  3. Graphic Design
  4. We'll develop a graphic design with the functionality needed to align with your business's branding.

  5. Domain Name Search
  6. If you do not already have a domain, we'll perform a search for one that best aligns with your business brand.

  7. Site Development and Coding
  8. The site pages will be built to the defined specifications, including an contact form to allow site visitors to contact you by email.

  9. Hosting
  10. Your site will be hosted on an annual basis.

  11. Up to 5 email addresses with your domain
  12. If you would like associates to have access to email using your domain, you will have access to 5 email addresses.

  13. Maintenance
  14. Your site will be checked on a regular basis to ensure that everything is working as it should. If a correction or update is needed, or if technology changes and/or is improved, the updates will be made.

  15. Adding and Deleting Content
  16. We'll add or delete content or pages as needed to make sure that the site is easy for prospective and current clients, your associates, and you.

Why go with Distinctive Concept?

  • Clean, easy to understand site design.
  • When you're an independent, your distinctive concept must come across with a minimum of distraction. We'll say one thing at a time, and we'll say it well.

  • A focused message that expresses your distinctive concept.
  • An outsider's perspective is often helpful is discovering a feature that makes your business distinctive.

  • You'll deal directly with the developer, the designer, and the owner of the business, who wants to put your site on display in his portfolio.
  • The success of your site is a success for me. It's in my best interest to make sure that your web site works and is successful for you!

For more specific information, please drop me an email here, and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. If you would like me to phone you, please include your phone number and a convenient day and time to call you in the message.

Thanks to Chesson Hadly, the ACTUAL winner of the 2013 WEB.COM Championship, for letting me be photographed with his award.